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Good News, Bad News…

My toes always curl when my wife says this to me.  It so reeks of the other foot falling. And like a beaten dog, I instinctively curl up and show my fangs. In my warped sense of perception, the said foot is always bigger, so the bad news will always outweigh the good news.  I know it’s hard to believe a person with such a happy smile and a generally positive outlook sees the glass as half-empty.

What do you prefer hearing first? Me? I rather hear the bad news first – weird I know,  I’m ever optimistic, and unlike the beaten dog, I hope that the good news will make me forget the bad news.  That being said I have good news and I have bad news, actually, I have a bunch of it.

Me, blogging like a beaten dog.

The Bad News:  I haven’t been blogging lately, and when I try, I find myself distracted. Yeah I know, I’m a million miles behind on The Barroom Chronicles, I have some material for Haunted Town and there’s some free agent stories floating about.

The Good News:  I’m in a creative boon and I’m ripping it up on Montana Rural. While the muse is hanging around, I’m going to enjoy her company.  Yep, unlike with Nightwatching in which the muse was male, it’s female for the sequel to Cemetery Street.

The Bad News:  My titles will no longer be available in e-formats at BN.Com and Smashwords. My apologies to my Nook owning readers.

The Good News: They’re available at Amazon. Yes, I made the deal with the devil and decided to go with Kindle Select. The results have been staggering and in the short term, I’m sold on the process.  The eight hundred pound gorilla is doing some heavy lifting.


The Bad News: Winter is coming and I don’t have all my firewood in yet.

The Good News: I get to play in the woods with my chainsaw.

The Good News:  If you’re looking to cop one of my titles, like each one’s Facebook page and you’ll get notice when they’ll be available for free on Amazon.

Cemetery Street

Shangri-La Trailer Park


The Bad News:  There isn’t any.

That shadow lingering over you, that isn’t the other foot about to fall, but it maybe a tree that I’m about to cut down.

Ghosts, Goblins and Giveaways

Welcome… Watch your step…  my apologies it’s so dark in here.  What’s that? You think it’s creepy? Is the floor creaking or is that your heart beating? Oh, you felt something scamper across your feet, don’t fret, it’s only the rats – they’re hungry and in this blog they eat cats. This place is their favorite haunt. Rats like treats too, even if it is you!  :evil laugh:

You better duck, the cob webs are atrocious.  The last person got a mouth…  Oh my, what’s that creeping up your back? Why so jumpy? Did I mention the spiders?  Don’t scream! Be quiet! You will wake the dead!

Oh my, look at what you’ve done! You did it! You woke the dead! Look at her, sitting there, crying because you’ve interrupted her eternal sleep.  Very good,  now that you have control of yourself, you may notice  other screams. Please ignore them, they’re the last  visitors to this blog, they got lost in another post and never  got out.  Now they’re stuck, in this written hell, waiting for the cemetery to call their name.

Instead of these cemeteries, wouldn’t you rather stroll down Cemetery Street? There are no zombies, werewolves, ghosts or goblins; but there is a Count, and his friends Shannie and James, who thrive on the tears their story brings.  Tell me the truth, don’t lie, I know you’re dying for a good cry.

Speaking of dying, are you dying for a treat? Would you like something sweet? You will find that on Cemetery Street…   Click on its cover and enter HA38J.

Or maybe your mind prefers something dark? You may want to fall into Shangri-La Trailer Park. Don’t be fooled, heaven isn’t easily found in this psychological yarn.   To fall into The Park, click its cover and enter YU69H.

Pick you poison, before the poison picks you. There are no smoke and mirrors here, but you better hurry, both coupons expire at the witching hour Halloween Night!

If you would be so kind, visit Cemetery Street and Shangri-La Trailer Park Facebook pages and drop  a line.

Thank you for participating in the First Annual Trick or Treat Blog Adventure. Click here to continue the tour. Hopefully you’ve found a new favorite Author and I’ve found a favorite new reader. Happy Holidays!


Ten Years

The clock tells me its just past 1:00 AM. The date is May 3rd, 2011. Almost ten years to the minute, I typed the words: “maybe it’s a good thing that in a world of presumptuous people, irony is alive and well.” The End. 5/3/01 4:44 AM.

It was one of the proudest moments in my life. My baby was born. I floated for days. It was a baby only a ‘mother’ could love. During the course of gestation, well before delivery, I said to a friend, ” I don’t care if it takes ten years to get it right, I’ll take ten years.”

To make a long story short, it took ten years to get it right. In the mean time, I collected rejection notices like baseball cards, never understanding why people didn’t see the masterpiece inside.

I put it down and got to the business of life, which included pulling up stakes in PA and moving to Montana. I set to writing other books. Upon completion of Nightwatching, my latest manuscript (more on that during a later post ) I acknowledged the icon on my desktop that pestered me like an unreachable itch. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I heard my own voice remind me about ten years.

In late February, I began ‘editing’ Cemetery Street. In reality it was a major rewrite. If words were pieces of trash, I would have filled a dump cleaning up my baby. Night after night, in three and four hour blocks;  on rainy and snowy days off, fifteen to eighteen hour chunks, I re-birthed the baby. My wife calls me obsessive,  I don’t know what she is talking about. Then I was done, but can one ever be done editing? At some point, you take a deep breath, call off the dogs and click submit.

I pulled the trigger on the submit button roughly the same time as Seal Team Six pulled theirs on bin-laden. Tonight, it cleared the first hurdle to publication, if all goes right, within two weeks my baby – Cemetery Street – will be delivered to the E-book world. Cross your fingers with me, in hopping the baby has ten fingers and ten toes as it pops up on kindles, nooks and I-phones and pads across the world.

I can’t speak of Bin-laden, but for the proud parent, ten years was worth the wait.


PS.  Shameless plug, if you’re want to see a picture of my baby, you can go to Scribd.com and type in John Zunski and read the first three chapters. If you would like to frame the picture, you can purchase it at Smashwords.com.