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Guest Post – Jason Derr

Tonight I’m stepping aside to make room for Author Jason Derr, who has graciously agreed to give it a go with you, my dear followers. Please be nice and give him your attention and don’t throw any vegetables in my blog. Thanks to Jason, I can take the evening and work on my chess game, write another chapter and consume copious amounts of popcorn.

Take it away Jason:

Adventures of a Guest Post
By Jason Derr
Author: The Boston 395

I want to woo you, Gentle Reader, with tales of my own wit and creativity. Seduction, really, is the game. I must seduce you into wanting to read my book. But, alas, I am out of perfume and I, male that I am, never perfected feminine wiles.

But, before I leave you to your own devices, I will instead talk to you person to person. After all, I have your attention, so why should we talk.

I want to talk to you about the craft of writing and of my own book The Boston 395.

Who isn’t a sucker for seduction?

Tom Hanks once said that his job as an actor was to hit your mark and tell the truth. Telling the truth, as an actor, though involves lying. It involves taking on another persona, telling a story that is not your own to people you will never meet.

So it is with writing. Our job is to fill the page and speak the truth. We speak the truth by telling lies.

For instance – I know of no trains that bend the rules of space and time, whose every stop exits into a broken life. If such a train does exist please, would someone point me towards it? I would like to ride such a thing and find out if my description of it were accurate.

So, my train is a lie.
But I hope it tells some sort of truth – about being broken and being

Author Jason Derr

transformed. About healing and wholeness.

So it is Gentle Reader that I will leave you with those thoughts. More of a sketch really, some words to invite you into thinking and, I hope, reading.

Fill the page of your life, tell the truth





Thanks again Jason.  I have to say, when I’m done my current fascination with Updike, Boston 385 is next on my kindle.

Good luck and please stop by again in the future!