I. Dick Knightly Announced as V.P. Candidate

Irving Richard Knightly

chosen as Robert’s Running Mate


Vote for Robert and get Dick Knightly
Vote for Robert and get Dick Knightly

Robert has selected Irving Richard Knightly, better known as I. Dick Knightly, as his running mate. The selection received an outcry of support Friday night, Jan. 11th at campaign headquarters!
“Dick is a man of great character!” the candidate declared. The fifty-seven year old Knightly, known within campaign circles as Alphabet for the number of letters after his name. Dr. Knightly possesses PHDs in Philosophy and Geology. BS degrees in European History, Psychology and American History.

A more complete dossier of Knightly will be posted on his own Myspace page.

The decision to chose a running mate so early in the campaign is to prove the efficiency of the Dirty Bum Party’s philosophy while highlighting the waste of the Democrat and Republican machines.

“Our main focus is saving John Q Taxpayer the indignity of spending his money on campaigns and spending it wisely on running the country!” Robert said.

“Welcome aboard Dick. You will be a great asset to the campaign!” Robert declared.

Campaign manager Gregory Zambon trumpeted: “Vote for Robert and get Dick Knightly!




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