Episode 14 A Democrat, Republican, and a Libertarian are Sitting in a Bar

With the political season ramping up, I thought it appropriate to offer a barroom perspective of the American political parties in barroom lingo:

A broke drunk walks into a bar and tries to bum a drink. The Democrat commissions a study and decides a social program should pay for it. The Republican commissions a different study and decides vouchers are in order, or he’ll buy it if he can get a tax deduction. The Libertarian says leave me alone and go ask a charity. After suffering DT’s , the drunk is now an AA counselor.
There you go, short and concise, and so simple that even a politician can understand.

Just because I’m an equal opportunity offender. I offer shots of our leaders if they spend a night in my little bar.

Libertarians behind closed doors.
Dubbya after my double-speak
A summit of world leaders in Alberton.

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