Episode 13 Take a Day Off…

… and this is what happens. I’m not crying poverty, I get at least a day off a week, most of the time I get two days off. But when I come back to work I never know what to expect. This week when I got back from a hiking adventure, I found this chestnut written on the window of the courtyard door.   The contents are appropriate for the Shithouse Poet posts,  but I’m a purest and I think it deserves its own post.

My congratulations if you are or know the poet that came up with this gem. If you’re easily offended, please surf over to the children’s television playhouse’s website. But then again, if you’re easily offended, you probably wouldn’t be here. Without further ado:


Seven Wise Men made up their mind

To build them a pussy of their own design…

The first a carpenter

full of wit

with a hammer and chisel he made the slit…

The second a blacksmith as black as coal   

with an anvil and sledge he made the hole…

The third a tailor, tall and thin

with a piece of red ribbon

he lined it within in

The fourth a furrier, big and stout

with the skin of a bear

he lined it without

The fifth a fisherman, old and bent

with the smell of rotten herring

he gave it the scent

The sixth a preacher

he prayed over it

and said it would would pass

The seventh a rabbi

a mean little runt

he fucked it and blessed it

and called it a cunt

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