Shangri-La Trailer Park


Shangri-La Trailer Park is a gritty, yet humorous look into the underbelly of society. At its core it is a tale of redemption; the protagonist is offered a

Rocky Mountain Front from Browning
Rocky Mountain Front from Browning

second chance to prevent a needless death. Rooted in rural culture and sprinkled with Blackfoot mythology, Shangri-La Trailer Park challenges one’s social mores while taking the reader on a wild ride into the dark side of the mind. If you’re still skeptical, please heed STP’s blurb:




If an Indian falls in the woods, can you hear him scream? Dora Shear did, and her life was about to get interesting. After Maistoinna Standing Bear tackles a tree, Dog Shear Dora – as she’s known in the trailer park – is left to pick up the pieces. Only she’s up to no good.
Uncover the secrets of a Jewish love triangle, why the IGA checkout lady trashes a car, why a trip over the coffee table is better than Novocain, and more importantly, the difference between a Canadian Passport and a Kentucky Waterfall. Hop on board with Maistoinna for a crazy forty-eight hour ride through the world’s most dysfunctional trailer park.

WARNING! Don’t read if your are: A) easily offended B) politically correct C) like everything nice or D) believe in the Easter Bunny!

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