Campaign Announcement

Robert Announces Campaign for Presidency

I will clean America's house!
I will clean America’s house!

As the Nominee of the Dirty Bum Party, let me tell you… I’m sick and tired! I’m sick and tired of the expanded campaign season and the lack of quality candidates. Who cares about the Iowa caucus? Why should New Hampshire have such a loud voice?  Are you tired of political inequality? So am I!  I declare my candidacy this night, Tuesday night, January 08, 2008 here at my campaign headquarters, Sportsman’s Bar of Alberton, Montana. It’s not only is it the best campaign HQ, it’s the best bar! I have this to say about our great country, when there’s a candidate that’s named after a baseball glove, it’s no wonder we’re in trouble and need straightening out.  And if this country isn’t straightened out, I’m running for the Canadian border. I could run south, but there too many illegals, man.”   I’m a voice for everyman, and every tall blonde!  I only have this to say: “Leave my Country alone, Man!”

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