Beeds, Boobs, and Bowls!

Everybody knows it’s Superbowl weekend.  High Mass for true football fans – I consider myself one of those. When your team isn’t in the game the only worry is a shitty game. That’s the purpose of the commercials, they’re the consolation prize. If both game and commercials suck, that’s the reason for the party.

Like years past, I’ll be spending this high-holy day at my business, serving up libations, talking smack, and being a hemorrhoid to those with action – emotional or financial – on the game.

There’s one thing that makes this year’s celebration a bit more anticipated, and it’s not Mullet’s lasagne or Sporty-gras. I’m loving the fact that the Lingerie Bowl is being played immediately before the Super Bowl.

If you haven’t seen the gals play, you’re in for a wicked, pleasant surprise. Not only are they good looking, sexy, and a million other adjectives, but they can play football. I mean they wallop each other. What American male, and a quite a bit of females,  don’t love seeing girls getting physical?  If you think I’m a pig, you haven’t been around when there’s a cat-fight. It’s downright primal.

The Lingerie playoffs beat the crap out of the Pro-Bowl last week and I’m thinking that it will rival the Super Bowl, and unlike the Super Bowl, if there’s a wardrobe malfunction,  hardcore conservatives won’t get their tits in a flutter… They won’t be watching.

Ah, life is good!

Oh, who am I rooting for?  The Philadelphia Passion of course!  Oh you mean the other game? Darth Hoodie and the Evil Patriot Empire.


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