Ghosts, Goblins and Giveaways

Welcome… Watch your step…  my apologies it’s so dark in here.  What’s that? You think it’s creepy? Is the floor creaking or is that your heart beating? Oh, you felt something scamper across your feet, don’t fret, it’s only the rats – they’re hungry and in this blog they eat cats. This place is their favorite haunt. Rats like treats too, even if it is you!  :evil laugh:

You better duck, the cob webs are atrocious.  The last person got a mouth…  Oh my, what’s that creeping up your back? Why so jumpy? Did I mention the spiders?  Don’t scream! Be quiet! You will wake the dead!

Oh my, look at what you’ve done! You did it! You woke the dead! Look at her, sitting there, crying because you’ve interrupted her eternal sleep.  Very good,  now that you have control of yourself, you may notice  other screams. Please ignore them, they’re the last  visitors to this blog, they got lost in another post and never  got out.  Now they’re stuck, in this written hell, waiting for the cemetery to call their name.

Instead of these cemeteries, wouldn’t you rather stroll down Cemetery Street? There are no zombies, werewolves, ghosts or goblins; but there is a Count, and his friends Shannie and James, who thrive on the tears their story brings.  Tell me the truth, don’t lie, I know you’re dying for a good cry.

Speaking of dying, are you dying for a treat? Would you like something sweet? You will find that on Cemetery Street…   Click on its cover and enter HA38J.

Or maybe your mind prefers something dark? You may want to fall into Shangri-La Trailer Park. Don’t be fooled, heaven isn’t easily found in this psychological yarn.   To fall into The Park, click its cover and enter YU69H.

Pick you poison, before the poison picks you. There are no smoke and mirrors here, but you better hurry, both coupons expire at the witching hour Halloween Night!

If you would be so kind, visit Cemetery Street and Shangri-La Trailer Park Facebook pages and drop  a line.

Thank you for participating in the First Annual Trick or Treat Blog Adventure. Click here to continue the tour. Hopefully you’ve found a new favorite Author and I’ve found a favorite new reader. Happy Holidays!



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