An Indie Fall

Sometimes I look up from what I’m doing and notice it’s dark, other times I notice it’s dawn, recently I realized the larch were turning – anytime now they’ll be glimmering gold. Such is the life of a perpetually absorbed mind.

Doctor, can you help?

The prognosis came back:  Sucker, you better learn to come up for air.

Not funny, considering my ‘indie’ schedule over the next six or so weeks. First off, if you haven’t heard (I’m told this is 99.9999999999999% of the reading world hasn’t) my second eBook Shangri-La Trailer Park is being released on Halloween. Hopefully, it sinks its fangs upon and tears the heart out of the literary world.  Grand notions for a book that doesn’t contain zombies or vampires, but it does have some frightening characters – don’t all trailer parks?

Along with the release comes the promotion – “Oh joy,” I can hear you. Believe me, I’ve learned that in the fine print of the universal writers covenant, it says if you want to be noticed, one must be three-part huckster, two-part snake oil salesman and one part used wagon jockey – show’s you how old my personal covenant is, I’ve since realized that can be updated to state: “Used Car Salesman.”

Personally, I think the term is harsh – I don’t even consider myself a Used Word Salesman.  As far as I know, the words in my novels, while well used, have never, ever, been arranged in the exact way they have up till now, so I reason at least I’m not a Used Word Salesman. Thank you for allowing me my dignity.

In November I’m also participating in adopt an Indie month:    Please check it out.  I’m cute, cuddly, housebroken, and I don’t bite. Come on, wouldn’t you enjoy having an indie author lay around on your living room floor? It’s only for a month, then you can send me back to my wife.    During the proceedings, I’ll be doing a blog about Indies entitled The Baptism of Fire:Indie Publishing.  If you’re an Indie wonk, don’t miss it. If you just enjoy good writing, you may find it fascinating to see the pains some very good writers go through to get their work to you.

Did I mention that I’m getting Cemetery Street ready for paperback?  Or that I’m recording excerpts of Cemetery Street and Shangri-La Trailer Park for eventual audiobook releases. Once my web guy updates my website, the excerpts will be up at

Wow, I’m getting good, I coolly slipped in two plugs without missing a beat. My Used-Word Sales Professor would be proud!

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