Indian Summer



Urgency is in the air, it lingers like a Shylock on payday;  I think it has to do with shorter days, cooler nights and half-full firewood racks.  In other words, fall has arrived in the mountains, the time that  procrastinators hate – now it doesn’t suffice to talk about getting off one’s ass and getting firewood, it’s time to do it.

New chains: Check

Gas: Check

Bar oil: Check

Getting firewood reminds me of the last month before releasing a book.  The fun thoughts are replaced by endless details. The release date looms like winter in the mountains of Montana.

Is the cover really okay?  Did I catch that typo?  How did the editor miss this one? Have to read the story one more time! Something’s missing, I know it. One starts worrying about superfluous semicolons.  Am I doing enough promotion? Am I doing too much? Do I sound like a shameless huckster?

What did I do with my felling wedges? The saw won’t start, damn it, I need new spark plugs.  Where’s my splitting maul?

I interrupt this rant to jump out a window.

That being said, Indian Summer is my favorite time of year.  The afternoon sun burns with fleeting intensity, its warmth belied by an embedded chill, the nights brisk and starlit. Next to a crackling fire, it’s a perfect time to curl up with a cup of warm apple cider, a favorite book and rest up for the next truckload of firewood.

Until then, enjoy this trailer for my soon to be released book, Shangri-La Trailer Park.

2 thoughts on “Indian Summer”

  1. Well, tree severing the house aside, it sounds wonderful. We drove through Montana from NJ en route to OR, and it was one of the high points of the drive. I love that hunkering down for winter experience. Glad I found your blog! Your writing is very evocative.

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